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Living Fulfilled (+Resources)

Living the Fullest Life (+ Resources, 7-10 min. Read, 15 if you’re slow/detailed like me)

This morning, I woke up unsure of what day it was. At first I thought, “my life is too crazy if I can’t even keep up with my week.” But I noticed it wasn’t out of busyness this time. And I considered that all the things filling my time were (mostly) good things. At that moment, I realized that I am living the life of my dreams. One of fulfillment. By that, I mean that my days are so filled that time isn’t slipping away from me. It gave me a new perspective on have a full week, or one just full enough.  I look back at times when I was so busy that my weeks flew by. Times when I lived to finish the week rather than to embrace it. I don’t want to have to live that way anymore. I am going to work to keep this focus. I want to live the fullest life I can. 

I know, I know. Some of you are reading this and thinking, “I’m DON’T have mostly good things in my life.” In fact, you’d probably call it 50/50 on a good day. My challenge to you is to make minor changes and let them feel major.

For me, I started jogging/running, or if you ask my wife, ‘pretending to run’ - she never seems to catch me running when she glances out the window at the end of my session. Well, I don’t like running, but I like all the things it does for me: checklist for fitness, better day-to-day body function, and an escape - albeit agonizing at times - that I

I’m trying my latest time-hack. Time is like water. It will fill the space you give it. So, if you have a project due in a day, you’ll probably do more than a day’s work in getting it done. But if you have a week to do it, you’ll spread out the time (likely procrastinate like me). A better example is 

So, by using that, I’m applying it being a better father and husband. A win-win situation occurs when I put my phone down and focus on my family (James Dobson, anyone?). Obviously, it helps me to live in the moment even more. That means that I…I believe that 30 minutes of intentional connection is greater than 2 hours of lazily watching tv, surfing media, and occasionally looking up at my son while he plays with his one-sided toys. Despite what my wife may think, I’ve been trying to be more present. (I really need to read Present Over Perfect - my wife says it would speak directly to someone like myself.) UPDATE: I read it! And like 50 more books - check it here

My son is 13 months old, and the little lazy bugger still isn’t walking. I hoped he would get up around 9 or 10 months like his daddy, but he’s taking his time. I realized yesterday that we are privileged to have him wait so long. This has given us so much more floor time with him, more snuggles, and more sweet carrying around. Soon enough, I’ll wish he wasn’t walking. Oh the humanity of wanting what we don’t have. I need to get another baby gate soon. The one we use works well enough, but he’s out-growing the dining room chair I lay across the other doorway.


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